Therapeutic Coaching

Therapeutic coaching combines coaching with counselling so it can help you deal with a problem or it can help you review and refocus your goals in life so that you reach your full potential.

It is an ethical, forward looking and solution focused approach underpinned by the Human Givens philosophy.

Therapeutic coaching uses the best techniques and protocols (those that have a proven track record in creating  beneficial change) from a variety of coaching and therapy disciplines, particularly Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, NLP and Mind-Body Medicine. Guided visualisation is used, where indicated, to accelerate positive learning.

Therapeutic coaching will help you look at all areas of your life holistically and to notice the choices you have.
It will support you in identifying your goals, ensuring they are realistic and achievable. It will help you to make the best use of all your natural abilities and to learn new skills so that you can achieve your goals.
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