Habit Breaking and anxiety

Dear Verity,

........Firstly, I want to say such a massive and heartfelt thank you for everything that you have taught me...
Secondly, a testimonial....
My initial reason for seeing Verity was to stop a persistent habit that had begun to take over my life.  Little did I know that in fact Verity was to help me in so many more ways and basically help me to reshape my life.  I can truly say that my sessions with Verity have transformed the way I see myself and how I look at life.  Soon in to the sessions, we realised that similar to an onion, there were many layers beneath the prevalent one that had caused me to seek help.  Together, through her inquisitive, non-judgemental and reflective facilitating we were able to tackle these layers one by one.  I feel Verity has given me a toolbox of resources to use...which I call upon on a daily basis.  These tools have supported me in countless interactions and situations and have reduced my general anxiety massively.  I feel calmer and happier.  As for the habit, I would say that I am now controlling it, rather than it controlling me.  My meetings with Verity prompted me to learn about mindfulness, which is complementing all that I learnt with Verity.  Thank you Verity for giving me back my life and for making it a much brighter one!
Take care Verity, I hope you are well. 

(CT, Education Sept 2014)


Hi Verity, hope you are well. I have been wanting to email you for some time but life keeps getting in the way. I just wanted to say a massive “thank you” for all your help, techniques for dealing with the anxiety and advice during our sessions. I feel that of all the therapists I have visited, yours benefited me the most.
(JH - restaurant owner) June 2014

Fear of Flying

I had a terrible flying experience 6 years ago which left me feeling very anxious in relation to flying even short haul flights. My son lives in New Zealand so I knew that I needed help to combat my fear.I contacted Verity and on my first meeting with her I knew that I had found a special person who could help me with my phobia. I had 3 sessions with Verity and then booked a flight to New Zealand. I walked onto the plane with a spring in my step, excitement and a feeling of personal achievement that I felt calm and I would be fine.During the flight I used the breathing techniques that I had learnt and the feeling that I was in control at all times enabled me to have a fantastic flying experience. I have since visited America 3 times and I am going back to New Zealand again, and this time completely on my own. I cannot thank Verity enough for her support, empathy and time that was required to help me achieve this.

(Lynne T, Businesswoman) January 2014

Depression and anxiety

Thank You for all your support, it has been over and beyond what I could have expected. When I first came to the counselling session I was apprehensive that the style of coaching would not be right for me. However, in a few short weeks I came to understand that this possibly the best way to resolve and manage any past grievances. Verity’s calm approach and ability to explain every process helped me no end. I am now finished with the course and can move on with my life, in the way I had always wanted.

There are times when a few old ‘pattern matching’ incidences occur but with the breathing techniques I have learnt, these no longer spiral into anything other than a discussion. Coming from me, a hot headed woman, this is a huge step.
I can manage my life and any challenging situations in a more sensible manner. So thank you again.
In some ways, you have saved me from me.
(CJ Business Woman and Entrepreneur) December 2013

Depression and anxiety

After a car accident I had periods of depression and my self-esteem and confidence would nose-dive. Recently I started questioning whether it was worth being alive. I had previously had hypnotherapy and CBT and whilst they had helped to a limited extent I was still plagued with depression. After 12 sessions with Verity I emerged a very different person - when I look back I am amazed at just how close I was to breaking. She helped me understand my reactions and responses to my problems and gave me strategies to manage future situations. Throughout the sessions I felt that I could trust her, I was her complete focus and the knowledge and understanding she has given me is expanding into other parts of my life.
Sue, retired teacher (May 2013)

Post Traumatic Stress

I just wanted to thank you so much for helping me. I didn't think it would work so effectively and so quickly. It is so nice being able to get into bed a 100% relaxed and not feel scared. It's amazing - thanks again.
BJ, military medic returning from Afghanistan (March 2013)

Stress and low self-esteem

I went to Verity when I was suffering from major anxiety issues and very low self-esteem. I had just started my final year at university and was close to dropping out as I felt unable to cope with the heavy workload. Verity helped me understand that the way I was feeling, mentally and physically, was a natural response to stress and could be managed. She helped me pinpoint my negative thought patterns and taught me how to change them. By the end of my time with Verity, I felt relaxed and confident enough to return to my studies and can't thank her enough for her help.

KW, final year university student (October 2011)

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